Friday, August 13, 2010

Incredibly Busy Weekend

Avalon Within: A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery, and Inner WisdomThis weekend, I'm attending the SPARKS Symposium, which is going to be thrilling. It runs from Saturday right through till Sunday evening and it's chock full of amazing workshops given by amazing people. I'm most thrilled by the fact that the Morgen ofThe Sisterhood Of Avalon (of which I am a member) is going to be there, and I get to hear her speak about Avalonian things of great interest to me. Jhenah Telyndru is a fabulous woman who has invested her life in creating a Western Mystery Tradition for women that centers around the Holy Isle of Avalon, and Welsh mythic cycles. It is a gorgeous system, and I am intensely thrilled to be meeting her. I also have three copies of Avalon Within to bring with me to the symposium. I'm fairly certain I can get them signed by the author. Woo! One copy is for me, of course, but the other two? Who knows. *Wink*

Very. Squee.

This will mean that my participation in various things will be curtailed severely until Monday, and even then, I have a room to clean out and make over and a podcast to plan, so yeah...busy.
I didn't want to take off for the entire weekend without checking in with you all, though, so here I am, letting you know I will be mostly AFK! There is a feedback form available on the site, if you want to send some thoughts or comments or questions, and as always, my e-mail inbox is open.

I'm thinking a lot about harvest, since Mabon is coming up (so very rapidly - where is this year going??) and then, Samhain! I always feel a push to rededicating my spiritual life during this time. Spring and Autumn are especially powerful for me.

In thinking about harvest, I'm thinking about what I've manifested through my spiritual work this season. The list is long. Very long. I didn't recognize it as a result of spiritual work, but I've planted, grown and harvested new ways to live an authentic life since I went on hiatus, and it feels really good to take the time to acknowledge that and celebrate it.

This weekend feels like a reward for a lot of hard work done, and I plan to thoroughly enjoy it. :)
I'll see you next week when I return with a full spiritual and creative well, and many exciting things to share with you.

Deep Peace,

P.S. There will be a fabulous, FABULOUS giveaway on the next show. 


  1. Please, please take notes! Lol - I'm such a student. This symposium sounds so great. Can't wait to hear everything. Enjoy!

    Oh, and I'm so there with you in regards to Autumn. I just feel like I've been brought back to life once September hits.